HAA Editorial Issue 2

June 4, 2021




Hayward Gallery, opening 9 SEPTEMBER 2021

The Hayward Gallery will will present the most extensive exhibition of Gerhard Richter's drawings ever shown in the UK.

Featuring more than 60 works on paper made between 1999 and 2021, the exhibition offers a rare opportunity to explore this intimate aspect of Richter's practice. Including several new series of drawings created during a rich period of experimentation throughout 2020 and 2021, this will be Richter's first presentation in a major London gallery since his retrospective exhibition, Gerhard Richter: Panorama, at Tate Modern in 2011.






Newport Street Gallery, a foundation established by Damian Hirst in 2015, will present the first major exhibition of the celebrated American artist's work in the UK in September. The show, which opens on September 10th, will include 45 paintings made over the last thirty years.

"I am thrilled to be able to bring Richard Estes' first retrospective to the UK. Richard is a living icon of American painting and this will be a rare opportunity to see his mesmerising works in person," said Damien Hirst. "I've loved his work since I was shown it when I was 13 by my art teacher in high school, Mr. Wood. While trends and movements come and go, Richard has stayed true to his vision and singular approach to painting for more than fifty years and I find this unwavering commitment to be a true inspiration."

While Estes is best known for his paintings of New York, the London show will also feature paintings made following trips to Europe, Asia, Africa and Antarctica. 






Ahead of the HAA exhibition, we visited Alessio Bolzoni and Christopher Orr in their studios to discuss their practice, new artworks and influences.

Bolzoni uses a singular light source to extract his subject's remaining vitality, reincarnating them in painterly abstraction, while Orr brings renewed life to marginalised figures by situating them in imaginary, alternate realities. The used flowers and sidelined bodies gain permanence through the artists' ability to still time at a point of metamorphosis.

Alessio Bolzoni and Christopher Orr now open at Heni Artists Agency until 3 July 2021




Colonna nel vuoto (Column in the Void), L'Aquila, 2019 at MAXXI L'AQUILA

POINT OF EQUILIBRIUM: Thought Space Light from Toyo Ito to Ettore Spalletti, the first exhibition inaugurating MAXXI L'Aquila, is dedicated to Ettore Spalletti. Colonna nel vuoto, L'Aquila, 2019 is one of the eight works that have been commissioned for this special occasion. Spalletti chose the chapel, an intimate space on the first floor of the museum building, as his commission site. Here stands a column in the centre of the space, projecting upward to the lantern of the Baroque dome. Now an intergral part of the architecture, this column of light invites the viewer to gaze up into infinity in a space of silence and light. The work will remain permanently in the museum.





Vespers is a major new publication from HENI which illustrates a complete series of 559 luminous watercolours by the British painter and architectural artist Brian Clarke. Featuring an introduction by the writer and art historian Robert Storr, Vespers takes its title from the Greek Hespera meaning 'evening'. The book is a compendium of evening devotions created in the sombre midst of the unprecedented epidemic the world has come to endure. Each of Clarke's paintings of poppies have the intimacy of a prayer, divining endless variations through meditation on a singular subject. Clarke draws on the pleasure of observing the behaviour of flowers which have inspired his experiments in the nature of paint itself. "First and foremost," writes Robert Storr, "that liquidity affords the artist an opportunity to display his deft command of gestural brushwork."

Purchase here at henipublishing.com

Stay tuned for more information on Brian Clarke on Heni Leviathan