HAA Editorial Issue 3

September 15, 2021



The Canticles paintings are series of 27 works in watercolour on Velin Arches, laid on raw canvas. Born directly out of the Vespers series of paintings (2019 –20), in the Canticles, created in 2021, Clarke continues the exploration of colour and form developed into a recognisable and personal language through the preceding body of works.

Canticles have parallels with the 1977 Dangerous Visions/‘Punk paintings’, the works which first attracted broader cultural attention to Clarke – slashed canvases patched up with collaged paper, safety pins and paper clips – and the cycle of paintings he created for the chapel of the Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham, in 1976. One of the largest public art commissions of the period, the forty-five interrelated paintings for the chapel included a series within the cycle related which incorporated paper laid on raw canvas, with splits and tears made in the sheets of paper replacing drawn or painted line.

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 Newport Street Gallery presents ‘Richard Estes: Voyages’, the first major exhibition of the artist’s work in the UK, 10 September – 12 December 2021.

The show, curated by Andrew Heyward, will include over forty-five paintings made over the last thirty years. While Estes is best known for his paintings of New York, the London show will also feature paintings made following trips to Europe, Asia, Africa and Antarctica.

“I am thrilled to be able to bring Richard Estes’ first retrospective to the UK. Richard is a living icon of American painting and this will be a rare opportunity to see his mesmerising works in person,” said Damien Hirst. “I’ve loved his work since I was shown it when I was 13 by my art teacher in high school, Mr. Wood. While trends and movements come and go, Richard has stayed true to his vision and singular approach to painting for more than fifty years and I find this unwavering commitment to be a true inspiration."

While Estes is best known for his paintings of New York, the London show will also feature paintings made following trips to Europe, Asia, Africa and Antarctica.

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Hayward Gallery, London
9 September - 12 December 2021


The Hayward Gallery presents the most extensive exhibition of Gerhard Richter’s drawings ever shown in the UK.

Featuring more than 60 works on paper made between 1999 and 2021, the exhibition offers a rare opportunity to explore this intimate aspect of Richter's practice. Including several new series of drawings created during a rich period of experimentation throughout 2020 and 2021, this will be Richter’s first presentation in a major London gallery since his retrospective exhibition, Gerhard Richter: Panorama, at Tate Modern in 2011.




Gerhard Richter - Drawings 1999 - 2021


Following in the steps of Gerhard Richter’s catalogue raisonné of drawings, published 20 years ago, HENI Publishing’s new monograph devoted to Richter’s recent drawings illustrates 80 works produced between 1999 and 2021. Drawings 1999–2021 highlights a recent period of extraordinary creativity and inventiveness that includes expansive series of graphite drawings on paper, vivid works in ink and overpainted photographs of forests. Like the accompanying exhibition at the Hayward Gallery, London, this publication offers a rare chance to study the most intimate aspect of the artist’s work.

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